Thomas Hoppstadius – IT-leverantören

By september 12, 2016Uncategorized
What is creativity for you?
It’s when we switch up an extra gear and pursue a new path, or when we’re in a meeting and have so many ideas bouncing around the room that we have to rush to get them all written down, or when we suddenly work out completely new solutions together with a client.
How does IT-Leverantören approach creativity, and why is it important?
Our organisation is built on individuals who are autonomous and capable of facing any and all of the daily challenges of our sector. So, we’ve tried to create a value-based organisation which enables and allows creativity to flourish. Our line of business is traditionally quite formal, so it’s essential for us to value and encourage new ideas from our people if we want to bring creativity to the surface.
What made you decide to sponsor Creative Business?

We always want to support and encourage initiatives in our region where people can meet, share experiences and find new ways to do business. We obviously want to be an active part of our local community, be present at relevant events, and to help where we can.