Per Österberg – SCA

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What is creativity for you?
Many various things – but often connecting different people, or sources of creativity, brings different perspectives, new ways of working and ideas to investigate further.

Stimulating creativity requires imagination and energy to see the beauty in what´s new or different.


How does SCA approach creativity, and why is it important?
SCA operates in many markets and has production all over the world. To stay in business, it’s essential for us to improve customer satisfaction in all those varied markets.

Our people are crucial in making this happen, so we work to attract creative co-workers and give them room and resources to flourish.


What made you decide to sponsor Creative Business?
It’s simple, SCA aims to actively participate and help bring about progress in the societies in which we operate.


Why have you chosen Sofie Lindblom as your speaker?
We want to be inspired by someone who builds creativity in a creative line of business – and want to share that inspiration with others.