Martin Sahlberg – OSD

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What is creativity for you?
Creativity is a way of thinking and looking at things that I believe should be present in everything. It’s the capacity to think a step further, to let a question roll around one’s mind one more time. It doesn’t have to be something new. It could be the use of something old in new way. For me personally, I like to think that I practice creativity every day by striving to develop myself, my thoughts and my actions.

For OSD, the definition is pretty much the same. As an establishment with a long history, we need to both use our collected experience to bring out the best in our offer, while at the same time, find solutions to new challenges and expectations. For us, creativity is all about wanting to make something different or better, every day. It’s a continuous process.

Why is that important, and how do you approach it at OSD?
Irrespective of whether creative thinking leads to incremental change or huge leaps forward, it changes who we are as a company and how we as individuals regard ourselves and our work. We’re all faced daily with new problems or questions that require us to create solutions out of thin air – it’s just something that’s second nature to us. Every year we devote some time to brainstorm together about the events we would like to create in the future.

What made you decide to sponsor Creative Business?
As a company, it’s essential for us that Östersund hosts more large events that attract local, national and international guests. We love to have big and daring events in our venues – not only do we get to collaborate with new people and create long-lasting relationships by supporting them early in their game, but also with every such event our brand becomes associated with creativity, innovation and flexible event spaces. The more guests that pass through our buildings, the better chance we have to make a great impression and stand out from the competition.