Marie Wiklund – ALMI

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What is creativity for you?
Creativity is courage! To dare to think in new ways and step out of one’s comfort zone. To see innovative solutions from a positive and enabling perspective, and also having the capacity for turning such creativity into action.


How does Almi  approach creativity, and why is it important?
We see creativity as a central and vital part of our work, to encourage our clients to break established patterns in their businesses. We help them aim to continuously improve their business, challenge and rebuild their business models and try new markets, as well as build innovative and creative leadership that enables employee participation in development. We believe that to be the key to building sustainable business over time.


What made you decide to sponsor Creative Business?
We want to encourage and support (any and all) initiatives where our clients can benefit from getting a dose of inspiration and motivation to move forward, as well a broadened view of the world.