Karin Bodén – Jämtkraft

By september 5, 2016Uncategorized

What is creativity for Jämtkraft?
Creativity is a method for finding new solutions to problems – solutions that bring about results. We work very hard to produce results in our processes, even if they are negative results, because we believe that it’s better to fail trying than to do nothing. You need to build on what you have, but also find the ability to free yourself from it for long enough to be able to see new ways of thinking.

At Jämtkraft, we’re about to see a major shift in our business model. It’s a shift that every energy provider is going to have to make in order to be relevant to a new kind of customer. We want to focus on clients and the climate and move forward with cutting edge technology. We don’t know where we’ll end up, but we’re working hard to commit to the next phase in our development.

Why is creativity important?
I think Bill Clinton said it really well, when he said: “That which we wish to keep, we must change.” The world keeps changing and we need to change with it. Our best tool is our creativity, channelled into processes that churn out actual results. We need to be creative to survive, that’s the basic fact of the matter.

What made you decide to sponsor Creative Business?
We are just immensely happy that an event on this scale and with this theme is being produced in Östersund! The fact that we get to participate is just an added bonus for us, the most important thing is that you’re making it happen.

Why have you chosen Lisa Lindström as your speaker?
I have heard her before and was blown away by her message and her presence. Her approach to gaining trust through transparent leadership is something that’s high on our agenda right now, and I believe it is relevant for a lot of businesses. Lisa is very direct and pragmatic in the way she talks, so I hope people will feel empowered and ready to take creative action in their own work and life.