Henrik Lundmark – Diös

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What is creativity for you?
Creativity is daring to think in new ways within a set framework, based on experience. I worked in advertising when ”planning” actually became a job we paid people to do, and we need those roles to create a direction for creativity . Without purpose and direction, creativity is a short-lived flame. But by guiding creativity and building meaning and purpose, you can stay relevant. For me, there is no contradiction between direction and creativity.

How does Diös approach creativity, and why is it important?
Like any public listed company, we’re governed by laws and regulations. There are rules and expectations about our behaviour and what we can accomplish. Within that, however, there’s scope for a great deal of creativity – it permeates all business deals and decisions we make, not just our communication. Today, we have real estate in ten different destinations in northern Sweden, places of growth potential, partially due to a natural influx of citizens. Generally, northern Sweden is a place that can need help moving forward and growing, and that thought is always with us when we decide to participate in events or plan investments – how will this help the city or region? What can Diös contribute with?

Renting out office space isn’t just about the actual square meters anymore, for example we need to think long and hard about how to build and renovate today in order to be relevant in ten, fifteen years time. What added value can we create, which other services could we provide? Creativity is something that needs constant work and maintenance, and something that is fundamental for growth and development.

What made you decide to sponsor Creative Business?
Sponsoring, for us, is all about creating a positive force forward and strong commitment. We want to be part of stimulating growth in the cities where we are located. We’re pretty certain that since CB is taking place in the city centre of Östersund, and also strives to inspire the town to be more creative, it’ll benefit us somewhere down the line.

We want to shift the debate away from how northern Sweden is depopulated, and instead create vitamin injections of new ideas and inspiration. If CB can do that, we need to be there. The more people who get the chance to have their horizons widened, the better for the city.

Why have you chosen Fredrik Marcus as your speaker?
We chose him because he’s a great speaker and a creative soul who is just different. We want to challenge the people in the audience to break existing patterns and be inspired and motivated to create change and move the world forward, for themselves.


Photo: Tina Staffrén