Daniel Kindberg – Östersundshem

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What is creativity for you?
To dare to think new. As a CEO, it’s important for me to give my employees the freedom to make that leap, to dare to think in new ways. Of course, that creativity must also be strongly connected to our core business – dreaming up crazy ideas is the easy part, it’s making them work in the current business context that’s the challenge.

How does Östersundshem approach creativity, and why is it important?
Our goal is to be the obvious choice for anyone looking for an apartment in Östersund, and in order to achieve that it’s absolutely crucial to be creative in our building processes, especially in new residential areas. Anyone can build good housing, the hard part is to create something unique, a place that the tenant is proud to call their home. As input, we regularly use the ideas of our people about what kind of services they would like near their homes. Recently, we built housing at Remonthagen, which is close to the ÖSK ski trails.  One idea we picked up from our employees was to build a space in the property for people to wax skis before heading out in the trails. Another great idea was to have an electric car pool. These are just examples of small details we think will matter for our business in the future.

Why did you choose to sponsor Creative Business?
Our business depends on the fact that Östersund is an exciting and thriving city. If we can contribute to the development of the city, we fulfil an important aspect of our mission.

Why have you chosen Jonas Hagström as your speaker?
The work Jonas, his colleagues and others are doing with The Rocking Pots choir is absolutely crucial for Östersund. They have managed to create a platform where asylum seekers and Östersund residents get to meet, and he uses music as an integrating agent, which is just genius. We discovered the Rocking Pots just about a year ago, and we have had a partnership with them since then.