Anders Ingebrand – Nordea

By september 5, 2016Uncategorized
What is creativity for you?
It’s the ability to create something real from an idea – to use one’s mind to create something new and take action to make it a reality.

Why is that important, and how do you approach it at Nordea?
Because we need to keep moving forward. At Nordea we need to work continuously to create a space for ourselves where we can help create change and support our clients in making their plans and dreams become reality, as well as find solutions to our own challenges. We are advisors, and every day we suggest ideas or actions that will help the client forward. We try to break traditional patterns and instead create real value, rather than having one strategy regardless of the client. As an example, Nordea has its own Accelerator program.  Nordea Startup Accelerator is an intensive 12-week program providing selected startups with the opportunity to develop their ideas alongside Nordea and some of the best fintech experts in the Nordics. The idea is to learn together and find new business and partnership opportunities through collaboration and ultimately provide better digital services for Nordea’s customers.

What exactly do you think Sasja Beslik can teach us about creativity?
Time and time again he has shown the positive correlation between sustainability and profitability. He personifies the work all businesses today need to get better at: business ethics, human rights and environmental issues. At Nordea we believe that by investing, we can help nudge companies in the right direction, towards a responsible future.

What made you decide to sponsor Creative Business?
We want to get involved with events that drive progress in Östersund. We believe that Creative Business can do that, probably for the whole region of Jämtland Härjedalen, while at the same time providing businesses here with new influences and ideas.